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 Hi, I am Mrs. Hellerich, your 3rd grade teacher! I love to watch and play sports. Since I have 3 daughters who are always doing some type of sport I know a lot about a variety of them. If you like sports too, I'd be happy to talk to you about them! I know about softball/ baseball, swimming, basketball, and many others.

   I also love the beach! Lake George is my favorite and I love going there with my family and friends. I love to relax with a nice book or even go fishing. In the winter my favorite place to go is my Pocono house in Pennsylvania. I love to watch my kids as they ski and go snow tubing. Also in the winter I love going to basketball games. 

  I'm thrilled to be your teacher this year! I want to make your last year at Parkview as fun as it can be. I hope you are looking forward to this school year, and help our class create an atmosphere perfect for learning and having lots of fun! I'm sure this year will be fantastic!
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