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Weekly Update from Mr. Siegel

Good morning Parkview Families,

It's been about 14 months, but the moment is upon us......we are back on Monday with a full day of school! We are ready to go!

I've included a few attachments to this post just to better assist our last group of students and families that are coming back.

Now that on Monday will be a full day, please reference the attached period schedule. Our day will go from 8:25am-2:45pm. Students are permitted on grounds at 8:10am and please be punctual with pickup at 2:45pm. I've included a period schedule as well as line-up location map for morning arrival on nice weather days. On inclement weather days, your child/ren will go directly into their classroom door. All dismissal points will continue directly from the classroom.

Drop-Off Loop
The drop-off loop is open from 8:10am-8:25am, rain or shine. At 8:10am, when the loop begins, the cones will be removed at the entrance of the parking lot allowing cars to enter. Please do not wait on Violet Terrace prior to the start of the loop as Milltown Police will be monitoring the traffic. For safety reasons, do not let your child/ren out of the vehicle unattended as there will be staff to assist each day. At 8:25am, the cones will go back up, ending the drop-off loop. Should you arrive after that time, please park in the Borough parking lot and walk over to school. To maximise the number of families we can assist, please have your kids ready with their backpacks, exiting from the right side of the vehicle.

The drop off loop is for students in kindergarten - third grade only.

Students are encouraged to bring their lunch everyday, but we are still offering hot/cold lunch, free of charge. For safety purposes, grade level classes will be split between the lunch room and 1/2 gym to eat lunch. There will be acrylic barriers separating every child for an additional layer of safety.

During recess, on nice weather days, the grade level will be outside with their peers wearing masks as they play. On inclement weather days, two grade level classes will be inside on the other half of the gym and the other two classes will be supervised in classrooms.

We hope that everyone gets plenty of rest this weekend as we prepare to forge through the rest of the school year, ending on a strong note! Please reach out with any questions.