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Important Message from Mr. Siegel

Good morning Parkview Families,

I hope everyone is doing well!
To follow up to Dr. Brown's memo about next week starting back with full days including lunch, I wanted to share some Parkview-specific information -
  • Our school day will run on a full day schedule, from 8:25am - 2:41pm.  Students are permitted on grounds at 8:10am and dismissal is at 2:45pm.  The drop off loop will continue at the same time. 
  • The same eight-period day will take place, but the periods will be roughly 40 minutes long, not 30 minutes. On the current, early dismissal schedule, period 5/6 are combined, but moving forward, each will be a separate lunch period.  (Please see attached bell schedule).
  • For lunch, grade level classes will be split between our lunch room and 1/2 gym, maintaining social distancing while students eat. There will be acrylic barriers separating every child for an additional layer of safety. 
  • During recess, on nice weather days, the grade level will be outside with their peers wearing masks as they play.  On inclement weather days, two grade level classes will be inside on the other half of the gym and the other two classes will be supervised in classrooms. We will rotate this schedule as need be so all of the classes have opportunity to use the gym during recess. We are hoping for as much nice weather as possible!
  • When this transition takes place next week to our regular school day, the extended day program that many of you have been utilizing will end. 
  •  Drop off and pick up will continue at the same locations they have been. Please be punctual to pick up your children at 2:45pm. 
  • As a final reminder, tomorrow, April 28, is the last day to inform us that your child will be re-entering school in-person starting Monday, May 3.  This will be the final opportunity to opt-in this school year. Please reach out as soon as possible if you would like this change so we can fully prepare our classes for next Monday.  ([email protected] / [email protected]).
Should you have any questions about any of these adjustments or about anything else, please do not hesitate to reach out. 
We are looking forward to taking this final step to close out the school year! Thank you for your continued patience and support. 

Mr. Siegel 

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