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Weekly Update from Mr. Siegel

Good morning Parkview Families,

I hope everyone is doing well and are fully readjusted to our four-day school week! The opening of our Extended Day Program was successful and was another positive step in the right direction.

Here are some reminders taking you into the weekend -

Opt-in for April
If you have decided to have your child/ren attend school in-person in April, please let us know by next Wednesday, March 24. The following week is Spring Break (March 29 - April 5), and students will start back up again Tuesday, April 6. After this time, the next opt-in will take place toward the end of April.We are still maintaining four in-person school days per week and Wednesdays are virtual for all. At any time you my switch from in-person to fully virtual.

April Afternoons
As we continue to make positive strides with our school reopening plan, our goal still remains to have students back in five days per week with lunch beginning in May. As we prepare for that adjustment, the afternoon schedule for the month of April will be changing. For the month of April, the academic school hours will remain the same early dismissal schedule, 8:25am - 12:25pm, with lunch following, 12:25pm - 1:35pm, and the afternoon session will be from 1:35pm - 2:45pm.

Although this 70 minute, after-school session is optional for Parkview students, it is highly recommended that your children participate. During this time, teachers will reinforce skills taught that day in Language Arts and Math with 'live' instructional sessions open to their class as a group. In that 70-minute block of time everyday, for about 20-25 minutes, teachers will schedule 1:1 time and small group sessions to maintain individual support. As the 1:1/small group time will be less than it is now, students are encouraged to join the whole group sessions.

During the same timeframe, our special area teachers will still be running their 'clubs' everyday, and students are encouraged to join in during off-time with their after school learning. Teachers will be in touch with specific April Afternoon schedules soon.

Art Club/Green Club
We have closed registration today for the two clubs and teachers will be in touch shortly with more details.

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring and the weekend weather looks promising. I hope everyone enjoys some sunshine!

Mr. Siegel