Mary Sansone Staff Photo

Monthly Themes

January 2018 Theme  
Due Date: 1/31/2018


The color of the month is:  Green 


The shape of the month is: Triangle


The concept is: Associations


Our next theme is Around the Home.  Since everyone’s home is unique, we will talk about how homes differ. Through this theme, the children will learn about types of homes, (house, apartment, 2 family, townhome, etc.)  the parts of a home, the rooms, furniture, appliances and their functions as well as the materials/tools needed for building a home.


 The letters of the week are:

"start at the top"


S- curve in curve out


J- big line down, a hook, jump to the top, little line across


D - big line down, jump to the top, big daddy belly

P- big line down, jump to the top, little curve

B-big line down jump to the top, little curve, little curve


Please discuss these ideas and concepts with your child.