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 Parkview School


Parent Drop-off Loop

A joint meeting was held this summer with representatives from Milltown School District administration, the Board of Education Public and Professional Relations committee, the Milltown Education Association, and the Milltown Police Department to discuss traffic and safety in relation to the Parkview parent drop-off loop.  Discussion was based on recommendations from Middlesex County’s transportation management association (Keep Middlesex Moving [KMM]) using several satellite images that provided a variety of options for improving procedures from 8:10am to 8:25am at and around Parkview School.  As a result of this collaborative and thorough assessment of the situation, the following protocol has been established in the best interest of children, parents, teachers and residents. Please feel free to contact Superintendent of Schools or Milltown Police Chief with any questions.

--  The entrance to the Parkview parking lot will be closed from 7:45am to 8:10am on school days.

--  Parking for morning SACC drop-off will be permitted in the Parkview parking lot until 7:45am.

--  Parking will continue to be available in the municipal lot on Violet Terrace at any time.

-- Teachers may enter the lot prior to 8:10am through the exit driveway.

--  There will be no stopping or standing (ie. idling of cars, waiting in a line) permitted at the entrance to the Parkview parking lot, or on Violet Terrace and adjacent streets prior to 8:10am.  Traffic must continue moving and violations will be addressed by the Milltown Police Department.

--  Entering and parking in the Parkview parking lot will only be permitted with a district issued parking sticker.  Temporary, medically essential parking stickers are subject to restricted circumstances and administrative approval.

--  KMM and the PTA will coordinate and schedule activities, parent sessions and student assemblies related to Safe Routes to School.

-- Volunteers are needed for the Parkview parent drop-off loop.  Please contact the Parkview main office to volunteer.

Thank you for setting an example of the importance in obeying local traffic laws and keeping the safety of our students as our number one priority.

Drop Off Loop Procedures < Click Here

Students are permitted on school grounds at 8:10AM. Doors open at 8:22AM. Classes begin at 8:30AM. Students arriving after 8:30AM are considered late and must report to the office with a parent for a late pass.