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June 1: Wear Red  for American Heart Association

June 4th-5th: Book Fair

June 5: I'll Stand Up 4U

June 8: Wear BLUE for World Ocean Day

June 15: Sunglass Day

June 18: School Spirit

June 19: KDG Step Up @ 1:30 pm

June 20: 3rd Grade Fly Up 1:30pm

June 21: Early Dismissal

June 22: Early Dismissal & PV School Spirit

June 25: Early Dismissal

Last Day of School

Report Cards

Check out the link "This Week" to see what is happening in 2S!

Special Schedule

Monday: *PE

Tuesday: Music

Wednesday: Art

Thursday: *PE

Friday: Technology and Library

*Please have your child wear sneakers on the days we have PE!


Homework in 2S:

 Language Arts

Complete the Reading Log & Skill page in the homework packet.

 Monday - Read for 20 minutes

 Tuesday - Read for 20 minutes

 Wednesday - Read for 20 minutes

 Thursday - Read for 20 minutes



Complete the worksheets in the homework packet.