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This Week... 

This week in 2H!



This week's Journeys selection is a nonfiction story called Helen Keller.

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The Spelling Test will be on Friday, April 20, and the story test will be on Friday, April 27.

This story will cover:

-Long o spelled "ou", "ow", or "o"

-Quotation Marks

-Proper and Common Nouns

-Suffix -ly


-Comprehension Questions

-Main Idea and Details

-Determining Importance

-Research Texts



You can study the spelling words at:




In math we are working on Topic 13 - Money: Counting Coins. 

The test will be on Tuesday, April 17.


This Money Test covers: 

  • Coins
  • Counting Collections of Coins
  • Ways to Show the Same Amount
  • One Dollar
  • Problem Solving: Make An Organized List



Next in math we are working on Topic 14 - Money.

The test will be on Wednesday, April 25. 


This Money Test covers: 

  • Adding Money
  • Subtracting Money
  • Estimating Sums and Differences
  • Problem Solving: Try, Check, and Revise