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This Week... 

This week in 2H!



This week's Journeys selection is a nonfiction chapter book called Exploring Space Travel.

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The are no more spelling or story tests for 2nd grade!

This story will cover:

-Words with long /e/ spelled "y"

-Word Choice

Suffixes -y and -ful

-Synthesizing New Information

-Main Idea

-Comprehension Questions

-Narrative Fiction Writing



You can study the spelling words at:




We are now working on "Step Up to 3rd Grade" work!

There are no more 2nd Grade Math tests.

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This "Step-Up" covers: 

  • Writing Multiplication Stories
  • Division as Sharing
  • Writing Division Stories
  • Relating Multiplication and Division
  • Unit Fractions and Regions
  • Naming and Showing Fractions of a Set
  • Polygons
  • Adding and Subtracting in Geometry (Area/Perimeter)