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Library and Technology
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September 2017  We are updating our library! 

When I started working in the Parkview Library we had a card catalog, and we would physically sign the books out to our students, and then sort the cards into classes to keep track of which student had what book! Whew! In about 2003 we began a lengthy process to digitize our library collection, reviewing each book to see if was worthy of the cost of recreating digital book records, and then sending all of those book records out to the Surpass Software company, who had won the right to be our circulation and catalog software company. Surpass was a small company, and we grew with them, learning more about the capabilities of library automation. The catalog was available on all school computers. Eventually, our catalog went online, and our staff and students' ability to search and use our library collection and catalog increased. Now, parents and students could search from home. They could anticipate and plan future library books they wanted to borrow, students could write their own reviews of books, and I could post book lists on various topics. 

This summer we are growing again. On September 1, 2017 our library will be managed by Follett Destiny. This is the big time, we are updating to a major company that promises many benefits for our users. It might take a while for use to learn the full capabilities of our system, but its so exciting to be in this position. Hold on tight, because I think that you will like how user friendly this new catalog and website will be for parents and students. 

Library Goals

The Parkview and Joyce Kilmer Libraries are learning centers that offer more than a wide array of books and reading materials. They are welcoming places where our students can study, read, research, and learn!

It is my mission  to develop a collection of books that appeal to all of our students. I pledge to make library an engaging class and to maintain a safe learning space where students' educational and personal interests can be developed to their full potential.

Parkview students enjoy planned library lessons and story times that will help them discover the best fiction and nonfiction children's literature and online resources. Joyce Kilmer 4th adn 5th graders have regularly scheduled library classes and periods, and 6th through 8th grade students are able to come use the library before school, at lunch recess, and when their teachers arrange to bring them.

It is our goal in the library that they will learn the best ways to use technology old and new responsibly and that they learn how to be lifelong learners.

Click the links above to find even more great resources for learning and fun.

Ye Olde Library Catalog (still up and running for now!)   http://parkview.mysurpass.net

MackinVia Online Books http://mackinvia.com 

School name: Parkview School Username: panda Password:ebooks

School name Joyce Kilmer School Username: kilmer Password: ebooks

Bookflix http://bookflix.scholastic.com

Username: parkviewp password: bookflix 

 World Book Encyclopedia online http://www.worldbookonline.com

Call the school library for password information


Storybird write poetry or picture books using the paintings of talented artists.

Pentominoes Do you enjoy tangrams? These games are fun and build spatial intelligence and awareness.

Khan Academy  Learn math and other subjects grade one and up! Videos, problems and learning achievements

 Code.org Learn how to program video games. Just added- a Moana coding game.

http://seussville.com   Seussville is filled with fun and games relating to Dr. Seuss books.

Powtoon.com   Create your own animated videos

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