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Mrs.  Kristine  Giglio
Physical Education and Health Teacher - Grades K-3
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     We are having a great start to the year!  Everyone is doing a great job remembering their sneakers, I am so proud of them!  First grade has been having fun learning about the scooters and how to ride them safely and play scooter tag!  They will be moving on to movement skills such as jumping and skipping.  Second and third grade have been finishing up their cooperative games unit.  They have been doing a great job working together and having fun doing it!.  They are excited to begin their soccer unit

    Please take notice of when your child has Physical Education class and have them wear sneakers.  If your child is not feeling well and you would like them to take a break from PE please write a note.  If a child is excused from PE than they are also not allowed to participate in recess. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.  

Mrs. Giglio