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Mrs.  Kerri  DeAngelis
Reading Recovery Teacher
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Reading Recovery


Reading Recovery is a literacy intervention program designed for first grade students.  A Reading Recovery teacher meets with her students, one on one, for a half hour every day.  The program is designed to support and build on the individual strengths of each child.  The goal is to bring the student up to an average first grade reading level by the end of his or her program.


Lessons Are Under Way!

All of our current students have started following our regular lesson format. Once our routines are firmly established, we would love for you to come in to observe your child’s lesson. We will contact you to set up a convenient time!

Please continue to read aloud to your child each day, so that he or she can hear and appreciate what good readers sound like. In their earliest lessons, fluency must be established. Fluency is critical for comprehension. The more children hear fluent reading, the easier it will be for them to phrase their words and understand what they are reading.


Weekends and Long Breaks

If your child has more than 4 books in his/her bag, let him/her choose 3 or 4 to read each day.  We typically send home about 8 books over the weekend and more over a longer break.  The goal is for your child to read 3 or 4 books each day.






Fundations is a systematic, multisensory program, that provides support in areas of phonemic awareness, phonics/word study, fluency and spelling. It is a research based program to benefit students needing supplemental support and additional strategies in language instruction.

Our students in Fundations have been working diligently to learn the routines and procedures of the program. Our rules have been established and the students have been consistently participating in our group activities! We are learning different multisensory approaches to word study in order to enhance our phonemic awareness to enrich spelling, reading and writing in the classroom!