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Mrs.  Kerri  DeAngelis
Reading Recovery Teacher
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Reading Recovery


Round 2

 Our second round of Reading Recovery is off to a fantastic start!  Please have your child read the books that come home in their book baggy every day!  They are always excited to show you how they are progressing and using new strategies in their reading!  It is also a great idea to have your child hear you read!  It will benefit them to listen to smooth, fluent and expressive reading!   Thank you for working together to help your child grow as a reader and writer!

Weekends and Long Breaks

 If your child has more than 3 or 4 books in his/her book baggy, let him/her choose 3 or 4 to read each day.  We typically send home about 8 books on a long weekend and more over a longer break. The goal is for your child to read 3 or 4 books each day.

Rereading Old Favorites

 Remember to go back and reread some of your favorite books!  When you do, change your voice for different characters. It makes the reading sound more interesting!


 Grade 3 Fundations

Our students in Fundations have been working diligently to learn the routines and procedures of the program.  Our rules have been established and the students have been consistently participating in our group activities!  We are learning different multisensory approaches to word study in order to enhance our phonemic awareness to enrich spelling, reading and writing in the classroom!