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Amy Hellerich Staff Photo
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Homeroom 3H - Hellerich





 Hi, I am Mrs. Hellerich, your 3rd grade teacher! I love to watch and play sports. Since I have 3 daughters who are always doing some type of sport I know a lot about a variety of them. If you like sports too, I'd be happy to talk to you about them! I know about softball/ baseball, swimming, basketball, and many others.

      I also love the beach! Wildwood is my favorite and I love going there with my family and friends. I love to relax with a nice book or even build a sandcastle. In the winter my favorite place to go is my Pocono house in Pennsylvania. I love to watch my kids as they ski and go snow tubing. Also in the winter I love going to basketball games.


     I'm trilled to be your teacher this year! I want to make your last year at Parkview as fun as it can be. I hope you are looking foward to this school year, and help our class create a atmosphere perfect for learninig and having lots of fun! I'm sure this year will be fantastic!