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This week in 2S...
This week in 2S...

This week's Journeys selection is a nonfiction story called Helen Keller.

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The Spelling Test will be on Friday, April 20, and the story test will be on Friday, April 27.

This story will cover:

-Long o spelled "ou", "ow", or "o"

-Quotation Marks

-Proper and Common Nouns

-Suffix -ly


-Comprehension Questions

-Main Idea and Details

-Determining Importance

-Research Texts



You can study the spelling words at:




In math we are working on Topic 13 - Money: Counting Coins. 

The test will be on Tuesday, April 17.


This Money Test covers: 

  • Coins
  • Counting Collections of Coins
  • Ways to Show the Same Amount
  • One Dollar
  • Problem Solving: Make An Organized List



Next in math we are working on Topic 14 - Money.

The test will be on Wednesday, April 25. 


This Money Test covers: 

  • Adding Money
  • Subtracting Money
  • Estimating Sums and Differences
  • Problem Solving: Try, Check, and Revise

More in 2S...

Helpful Links:

Language Arts:


Stories to hear at home. 


BrainPop Jr.

Videos on topics for reading and writing. 


Journeys Textbook Online

You will need to put in this information into the drop-down lists:
1. United States
2. New Jersey
3. Milltown School District
4. Parkview School
User Name is: PANDA2
Password is: panda2

Spelling City

Spelling practice with our words.


Extra math practice and games 


Math games to practice 2nd grade concepts 

AAA Math

Extra lessons on 2nd grade math topics. 

Online Math Book

Username: PVGRADE22016 
Password: MILLTOWN2 


International Celebration


International Celebration  
Project Image
Due Date: 5/10/2018

International Celebration!

Related image


Please save the date for our International Celebration on

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Students will be responsible for creating a poster (24x36) or tri-fold poster that will be shared during this celebration. Choose two of the topics listed to highlight one or both sides of your family’s culture. Students can write or type a paragraph for each choice. We encourage the use of pictures, drawings, or other visual aides. These projects will be displayed on Thursday May 10th, 2018 in the afternoon at Parkview Gym.

Projects choices:

  1. Holiday

  2. Family Tradition

  3. Food

  4. Game

  5. Music

  6. Clothes

  7. Language

Your child's first assignment is to fill out and return the page attached to the Save the Date letter. He/she will need to choose the country, or countries, your family represents and then select two topics to write about. This is due by Friday March 23, 2018. Please contact your child's classroom teacher with any questions!

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