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This week in 2Ps:

Language Arts- We are starting our Journeys unit on the biography called "Helen Keller." We will be focusing on words with the long o spelled -o, -oa, and -ow, the author's purpose of a story, the suffix -ly, and common and proper nouns. 

Important Date: Spelling test is on Friday 4/20

Writing- We recently started our research projects about space. Students are learning to take information from different sources and how to write notes.  

Math- We are finishing Topic 13 on money then Topic 14 is about adding and subtracting money.  
Important Date: Topic 13 test is on Wednesday 4/18

Science- We are finishing our unit all about rocks. We will discover what the different types of rocks are, compare and contrast rocks and minerals, and identify the parts of the rock cycle. We will end our unit with a rock collection.

Important Date: Rock Collection is due on Friday, April 20th



Be sure to continue working on your International Celebration poster as well! Projects are due Monday, May 7th